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Return & Refund Policy

Last updated [Oct 282020]


ThisNew provides warranty and after-sales service for the products we shipped out. Please be aware of the important notice below:


1 Order details

Once you have paid for the order, it will be produced soonest possible. If you want to change certain parameters, Customer addresses, etc., please check whether such an option is available in your account. If you do want to modify or cancel your orders, please contact ThisNew Customer Service, we are not bound to fulfill your request but we will do our best on a case-by-case basis. 


2 Shipping address


Before ordering from us, it is the Customer's responsibility to check and verify the full ability to receive the Products. Correct address and postcode/zip code, telephone number are absolutely necessary to ensure the successful delivery of Products. All information required on the checkout page must be filled in precisely and accurately. ThisNew will not be responsible for failed delivery due to incorrect delivery address or phone number. Should you like to ask for a change in the delivery address or any other special requirements, please change it in your order account or contact ThisNew Customer Service.


3 Print files

ThisNew will try our best to produce the products according to customer’s design. So, it is customer’s responsibility to ensure the designs are qualified for production. When customers use the online design tool, the favor patterns and full-bleed images are necessary. Any space that isn't covered by your design will reflect the original fabric, that’s why patterns and full-bleed images usually turn out the best.

Please be aware that it is the customer’s responsibility to verify the quality of the content (including but not limited to misspelled words, grammatical errors, formatting, design or overall appearance) before ordering a product. This refund policy does not apply to content, only to the physical product. If the poor print quality is caused by the unqualified print files, ThisNew could not provide the after-service.


4 Actual product notice

This size data is measured on a flat tile surface. Due to the different measurement methods, difference within 1-2cm is normal. And the picture displayed is for reference only, the final product effect is subjected to the actual product itself. Due to objective factors such as different production batches, machinery and equipment, there might be slight color, position and size differences. The above differences are normal.


5 Warranty period

If you received an unqualified product, please contact ThisNew customer service within 2 weeks of receipt. Tell us about the details and provide relevant pictures and proof.

If you received the parcel with missing item(s), please contact ThisNew customer service within 1 week of receipt. Tell us about the details and provide relevant pictures and proof.

ThisNew will provide the after-service according to your submission details.


6 Some After-service examples



Agree or Disagree

Quality Issue


Wrong Sizes Issue


Missing Items


Deliver to the wrong address


Returned by delivery with no reason


Tracking numbers not found after 30 days


Shipping Over 65 days by Standard Shipping


Shipping Over 30 days by EXPRESS


Artworks Issue from customer


slight color, position and size differences


Delivered but not received: No one at home and leave the product at the doorstep


Deliver failed: Receiver not available or business closed


Wrong Sizes choice by the customer


Clearance delay


Note: ThisNew takes no responsibility for the loss, damage of goods, late delivery, because of force majeure as pandemic, earthquake, natural disaster, war and country policy.

Due to pandemics, SHIPPING GUARANTEE POLICY does not suit regional areas, such as Africa, India, Middle East, remote islands, and so on. 

7 Refund & Return Policy

Once customers requested for the after-service, ThisNew will process them according to the situation (customer’s submission details). Normally we could provide after-service according to description and pictures. Sometimes, we may need you to return the product as a condition for a replacement or other solution options. You will bear the direct cost of returning the product. 

If you're permitted to return the product, here is our return address:
Consignee: Tian Liguo
Address: Room 213, Building B, Huanan Science and Technology Park, Longgang District, Bantian Street, Guangdong Province, Shenzhen, China
ZIP: 518129
Cell phone: +86 16620840820

Once ThisNew confirmed the issues, we provide the following after-service for customer’s choice:

1. Full Refund

2. Redelivery of the products

3. Compensation coupons/vouchers


Feel free to check with us if you have any questions:


ThisNew owns the authority to ultimate interpretation